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At Blinq Lashes, we provide eyelash extensions that are comfortable and lightweight to accentuate your natural lashes. These are faux lashes that are applied to each individual natural eyelash.


We specialize in all types of lashes and each client can have their very own unique and customized set based on the results they want to achieve and what their natural lashes can support. With eyelash extensions, there is no need for mascara or strip lashes. You can start your day looking gorgeous and go about your daily life without any special care.


These eyelashes are soft, natural, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting.

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Classic Lashes

Natural Volume

Full Volume


Mega Volume

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Mega Volume lashes are created with lightweight and ultra soft lashes from 2D to 6D to 10D depending on how strong and healthy one's individual lashes are. This look will give super dramatic, full and thick lashes for special occasions and big events.

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Volume lashes is a special technique we use with ultra soft lashes to create 2D-4D of eyelash extension at a time. Because of it's soft and super lightweight hair, one can easily apply each extension on without any damages or uncomfortable feeling to one real lashes.

Eyelash Extension Removal


Remove Classic, Natural Volume, Full Volume, and Mega Volume lashes in a safe and pain-free environment. Our removal process will keep your real lashes healthy and soft.

Gives a fuller volume look than Natural Volume set by using 4D-6D soft, light-weighted extension. Each lash is carefully crafted to enhance all types of eye shape to its perfection. Anyone can choose this look for their everyday wear. A variety of thickness, lengths and curls will be used to offer the most flattering lashes to your unique eye shapes.

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash Lift & Tint are for all types of eyelashes: Longer, shorter and straighter lashes but have no curls. This service bring out the beauty of one’s natural lashes to the next level.

Classic Lashes is also called Individual Lashes where one extension is apply to one real eyelash at a time.

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Amy does such an amazing job every time I go visit. Each lash is carefully placed and lasts such a long time! They accentuate my eyes so well I don't have to wear eye makeup!

Ellen Sun

Amy is by far the best Lash Artist in Atlanta!  My lashes are always perfect and my lash sessions are always lovely and relaxing. She cares about her clients and she will make sure your lashes are healthy and happy!

Caroline Reed

I absolutely adore Amy! she has been doing my lashes for almost 6 years and I cannot imagine going to anyone else. She gets as excited as I do to see the finished look.....and the finished look is always AMAZING! Amy makes everything better!!!

Erin McElwaney


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